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Shower Filter Review - What Our Customers Say

Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars. Based on 1651 Reviews

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Shower Filter Review by Linda Otley on 29/12/2021

Great value shower filter, lasts around 3 months, speedy delivery, recommended

Bath fillter by Mark Waterson on 28/12/2021

Easy to fit. I was concerned about the thread fitting to our tap, however the kit has all the different parts required. Spot on.

Shower Filter Review by GRK56 on 24/12/2021

Softens scale making it much easier to keep shower cubicle clean.

Shower Filter Review by Maureen Garford on 23/12/2021

I bought this due to an intolerance to chlorine. It is too early yet to say whether this has helped.

Highly recommend to anyone with skin issues by Karen Robertson on 17/12/2021

I suffer with eczema and since I fitted the shower head it’s much better I’m not sore when I finished showering and my skin feels softer!!! The only down side is the head is heavy and make sure you have the correct fitting !

Shower Filter Review by Susanna Chapman on 15/12/2021

We have had one of these filter shower heads in our main bathroom for a few months, and it is so good I have just replaced the en-suite shower with the same!

Shower Filter Review by Phil Proffitt on 09/12/2021

Fantastic product at brilliant price for what they are. I've been using this shower head for 5 years. I dropped it and it cracked slightly, not bad for a product that has been used four times a day for 5 years. It is so good i immediately replaced it with the same model.

Shower Filter Review by Helen on 06/12/2021

I'd like support with recycling the old filters.

Paragon Shower filter by carole on 01/12/2021

Excellent filter. Could not be without.

Shower Filter Review by Brian Marriott on 30/11/2021

Definitely improved the shower pressure and is a big improvement on the original shower head.

Shower Filter Review by Marta on 29/11/2021

Works awesome

Shower Filter Review by Happy customer on 26/11/2021

My frizzy and broken hair is soft and shiny now! I recommend 100%

Shower Filter Review by Richard Bailey on 26/11/2021

Easy to fit, looks great and does it's job. Great value too.

Shower Filter Review by Mrs B. on 22/11/2021

A superb value for money shower filter. Excellent pressure and a very good price. I rate this product as 100% better than the Nikken one. Its more than half the price and twice as good.

Shower Filter Review by Karen Wright on 22/11/2021

Delivery was so quick and products arrived in good condition. Cannot fault the service from this company. I have previously ordered this shower head and it is amazing how different it feels from a normal shower head. Water feels softer and gentler on the skin and feel refreshed after using it.

Shower Filter Review by Tara Jewell on 21/11/2021

Good. Thank you

Shower Filter Review by ken Wickham on 18/11/2021

Units are expensive but have to say our family have noticed a difference

Shower Filter Review by Jessica Chappell on 11/11/2021

Absolutely love this filter! Amazing for anyone with chlorine skin reactions. Easy to install!

Shower Filter Review by Trevor Williams on 04/11/2021

very good

Shower Filter Review by David Raitt on 02/11/2021

Excellent performance.

Shower good value by June Harding on 01/11/2021

very easy to fit and looks good

Shower Filter Review by Bindu Karsudha on 29/10/2021

It made my skin smooth .

Shower Filter Review by Jalien Hwang on 28/10/2021

I liked the shower head, it makes water feels really nice and the power comes also good. I will definetely purchase again in a year's time.

Shower Filter Review by Belinda Hawkins on 27/10/2021

Yes excellent quick service and easy to use

Shower Filter Reviewexcellent. by Edna Siretz on 26/10/2021

very good. Bought a few for friends as well.

Shower Filter Review by Merv Cotcher on 25/10/2021

Too big for our shower. Return process great.

Works well for showering hair in particular. by Wendy Round on 25/10/2021

It provides soft water and works well. I believe it removes the nasty chemicals. We have an electric shower so the water pressure is low. Nevertheless it performs well. We have very hard water here so will need the replacement cartridge very often

Shower Filter Review by Marilyn Tickner on 24/10/2021

Water filters great- water a lot softer

Shower Filter Super by Goda Yesiltas on 24/10/2021

I bought this shower head, my hair became terrible after 8 years in London. Using this shower head only couple weeks, so early to say it will help my hair or not. But water feels soft. water flow is amazing, so pleasant like soft rain. I really happy about this shower head. Also it is not heavy.

Shower Filter Review by Raymond Baxter on 20/10/2021

Fantastic product. Skin feels so soft after using the bath filter.

Shower Filter Review by Chris Sumner on 19/10/2021

Works as expected, stops Limescale build up. My only criticism is that some water can “leak” around the shower head depending on the water pressure. ** PS Reply ** Thanks for your review Chris. If you use the teflon tape supplied on the threads then it will stop any leaks.

Shower Filter Review by Bernadette Hutchinson on 17/10/2021

The product seems a very good quality. However, I could not make use of it, due to the adapters not the right size for my tap faucet. Still, the customer service and response time is very good and of a high standard. I will re-order in the future if my new tap is suitable.

Shower Filter Review by Marilyn Clarke on 16/10/2021

Very easy to change the filter beads over in the shower head. Have been using the shower head for a year. Noticed a positive difference in both my skin and curly hair.

Shower Filter Review by Andy on 16/10/2021

works well as I live on a boat it does make a difference with the amount of water I'm using

Shower Filter Review by Una Dingwall on 15/10/2021

I bought this item for my daughter and her husband who tell me they are absolutely delighted with their new shower experience! I am now probably going to buy more in the future for family and friends. Very satisfied!

Shower Filter Review by Claudia Nazer on 15/10/2021

No comment

Shower Filter Review by Imran Ahmed on 14/10/2021

Softer water, no rash or scratching after shower

Shower Filter Review by David Tee on 14/10/2021

Excellent Product

Shower Filter Review by Theresa Chamberlain on 14/10/2021

Excellent product makes my skin feel more comfortable

Shower Filter Review by Michael Tellick on 14/10/2021

Prompt first class service as usual.

Shower Filter Review by Adeline on 14/10/2021

We love this light hand-held shower filter head compare to our old model. With the hard water in our area, it has been the best purchase for our hair and skin

Shower Filter Review by Samantha compton on 13/10/2021

I love it

Shower Filter Review by Jane Douglass on 13/10/2021

Excellent lovely shower head, definitely more powerful

Shower Filter Review by Dawn Woodward on 13/10/2021


Shower Filter Review by George on 13/10/2021

very good shower only flaw is very high price of replacement pebbles ** Reply from PS ** Thanks for your review George, our replacements are only £7.95 and last 3 months. So that's only 8p per day to get pure fresh and healthy shower water daily.

Shower Filter Review by Antonio on 13/10/2021


Shower Filter Review by ROSEMARIE Singleton on 13/10/2021

In area with hard water l found a big difference when showering

Shower Filter Review by Fiona Hayward on 13/10/2021

This has made my water lovely and soft

ionic 3 spray shower head by LISA KELLY on 13/10/2021

The pure showers ionic hand 3 spray shower head shower filter has a strong water flow feels nice on the body my whole family really love having showers now this a great shower head easy to install to .

Shower Filter Review by Gillian Marshall on 13/10/2021

Love this shower head, filters the water and also turn into a power shower as well using less water - win win

Great, makes my shower feel luxurious! by Fiona Linton-Forrest on 13/10/2021

Great, makes my shower feel luxurious! is ranked 4.75 out of 5. Based on 1651 user reviews.