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Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter

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Large Head Hand Held Shower Filter

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This beautifully designed chrome AquaFilter Large Head (105mm) Hand Held Shower Filter easily attaches to your existing shower hose.



This beautifully designed Large Head (105mm) AquaFilter(tm) hand held shower filter easily attaches to your existing shower hose. With a high quality and replaceable shower filter cartridge embedded within the shower handle, this shower filter removes up to 99% chlorine, heavy metals, reduces scale, harmful chemicals & kills bacteria leaving you showering in pure filtered water. Showering in filtered water is much healthier for your skin, hair and body, alleviating dryness and itchiness. It also eliminates exposure of our lungs to hazardous fumes caused by hot water evaporating Chlorine. The shower filter uses a unique combination of NSF Certified KDF-55 and Ceramic Ball shower filter technology which combines to produce natural chemical free filtered shower water which is healthy for you and the whole family.

  • Shower Filter CertificationRemove up to 99% Chlorine
  • Helps improve eczema / sensitive skin
  • Shower filter built into hand held shower head
  • 3 different shower massage functions
  • Easy to install with no additional tools
  • Reduces heavy metals & limescale
  • Comes with one cartridge already installed
  • Works with electric showers
  • Works with lower pressure showers

Flow Adjustments: The outside ring of the shower filter head provides several options to adjust the flow and strength of the water stream, these include:

  • Regular strength water stream covering wide area
  • Soft, gentle massaging water stream
  • Refreshing, uniform stream setting

Unique combination of KDF-55 and Ceramic Ball Water Filter Technology

When normal tap water flows through the shower filter cartridges it passes through the unique combination of KDF-55 & Ceramic Ball filter cartridge, transforming tap water laced with harmful chemicals (such as chlorine), bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants into crystal clear pure shower water.

Shower Filter Cartridge - KDF-55 & Ceramic Balls KDF is a redox media, meaning it uses oxidation and reduction of ions. The redox process works by electrons exchange. This give and take of electrons converts many harmful contaminants into harmless components, such as chlorine to chloride. Other contaminants, including heavy metals, bond to the KDF media, which greatly reduces or virtually eliminates these substances. The addition of Dechlorinating Ceramic Ball media enhance the abilities of the KDF-55 and serve to further purify water from chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants within tap water.
Even in hot water KDF-55 has been tested to drastically reduce or effectively remove: Chlorine, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Iron, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium, Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Cadmium, Chromium and Selenium. It is Certified and listed under the NSF STANDARD 42 for Drinking Water Treatment Units - Aesthetic Effects.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Approx. Duration (M) 3 - 6 (Depending on usage and the quality of the water in your area)
Capacity (L) 2,500
Ideal Temps. (C) 2 - 60
Pressure (PSI) 20-80 psi
Replaceable Cartridge Yes
How To Install This Hand Held Shower Filter is extremely easy to install, without the use of any tools.
  • Simply remove your existing hand held shower head from your hose and replace it with the our chrome hand held shower filter.
  •  Functions only with shower filter cartridge in place.
  • Simply attach hand held shower filter onto the shower hose and tighten by hand turning clockwise.

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Shower Filter Review
Excellent product
Star Rating
 (5 / 5)
Review by / (Posted on )
Shower Filter Review
Excellent product. It has already made such a difference to my skin & hair.
Star Rating
 (5 / 5)
Review by / (Posted on )

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