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Bath Ball Cartridge

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Bath Ball Cartridge

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This is the cartridge for the Bath Ball - Bath Filter. It lasts up to 6 months.


Unique and Patented Bath Ball Water Filter Technology From Sprite Industries

When normal tap water makes contact with our unique Chlorgon medium, it transforms tap water laced with harmful chemicals (such as chlorine) and other contaminants into crystal-clear pure bath water.

Chlorgon is a redox media, meaning it uses oxidation and reduction of ions. The redox process works by electron exchange. This give and take of electrons converts many harmful contaminants into harmless components, such as chlorine to chloride. Chlorgon filters the following contaminants from your bath water:

  • Free Chlorine (Cl-)
  • Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell)
  • Iron oxide (rust water)
  • Dirt, sediment
  • Odors
Chlorgon is used in all of Sprite Industries filter products, many of which have been thoroughly tested by the NSF and Certified to standard #177 for shower filtration. So you know you can trust this brand and this filter medium. Here's a link to Sprite's NSF certifications.

* Depending upon usage and the quality of the water in your area
Additional Information

Additional Information

Approx. Duration (M) 6 (Depending on usage and the quality of the water in your area)
Capacity (L) N/A
Ideal Temps. (C) N/A
Pressure (PSI) N/A
Replaceable Cartridge Yes
How To Install CARTRIDGE REPLACEMENT Replace Cartridge every 6 months or sooner. Remove Cartridge by unscrewing the Bottom of the Bath-Ball Housing. Remove paper seals from each end of the new cartridge and insert into housing. Screw on the Bottom Housing. Hang Bath-Ball onto Hanger-Hooks.

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Shower Filter Review
Great product, very effective at removing chlorine from the water and softening hard water. We use to run baths and in the shower. Helps reduce eczema flare ups.
Star Rating
 (5 / 5)
Review by / (Posted on )
Shower Filter Review
Great product
Star Rating
 (5 / 5)
Review by / (Posted on )

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